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Thursday, November 13, 2014


  Well, I finally have a clue as to where my Krovetz ancestors came from in Ukraine.  I obtained a copy of the National Registration of Canada that my oldest Great Uncle filled out. I wasn't really holding out alot of hope that I would get a village/town name but I did get something. I'm just not sure what it is. He recorded the place of his birth as Brskky and his parent's birth as Burskky, Ukraien.  Consider he wasn't able to spell Ukraine, I didn't think the city/village would be right either. I poked around the internet and google maps, but as I kind of figured, the place does not seem to exist as spelled.  I turned to my trusty jewishgen town finder resource, but that didn't help me much either.  I posted a request for some help in a couple of Ukrainian genealogy facebook pages to see if anyone could figure out a cyrillic or latin spelling of a place called Burskky.  In the meantime, I tried another resource on the jewishgen gazetter site and found a couple of potential soundex matches: Barskiy, Russia and Barsuki, Ukraine.  I turned to google maps again to look up these places and found one more: Bars'kiy in Western Ukraine.  A facebook user also suggested that I look at Busk, near Lviv.
  There are a couple of other interesting tidbits of information.  Mike state that he was not raised on a farm until he was 14.  He stated that he was born in 1899 which would place him on a farm around 1913.  I know from my grandmother and great aunt that the family lived on Macgregor Street in Winnipeg until they relocated to Lorette.  He also stated they came to Canada in 1906, which is 9 years before the year recorded in the 1921 census. It's possible that the family lived in Winnipeg from 1906-1913 then moved to Lorette.  I guess it could also mean that the family started farming in Ukraine around 1913 then came to Canada.  My next steps will be a line by line search of the 1916 census in the Lorette area, and possibly see if I can get ahold of some land records for the time period.  I'll continue to search passenger lists.

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