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Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's a small small world

Late last year, I did a Dna test through 23andme.  The results weren't suprising, my ancestral composition is overwhelmingly Eastern European.  Recently I've started to explore my connections with people around the world who are genetically matched with me.  As I was looking through the pages and pages of people, one name stood out.  The name is pretty unique and I recognized it.  When we went to Poland last summer, my aunt, cousin, and I became friends with a couple from Chicago.  We kept in contact with the lady through facebook and like alot of people, her display name contains her maiden name, which is the same as my genetic match.  I contacted her right away and asked her if she knew the woman on 23andme. Turns out my genetic match is her second cousin.  Which of course means we are distantly related!  We are reasonably sure that we are related through my paternal grandmother's line but we are trying to confirm.  Really is a small world genetically speaking!

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