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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Karma strikes!

  I was recently contacted by someone on Ancestry who also has relatives from Suchy Grunt. She asked how I was able to gather information about my ancestors.  I let her know that I have the LDS reel for the church records and that I have been sifting through and transcribing the information since 2011.  I told her that would  look up her family and provide her with anything that I found.
  Tonight,  I started by looking for her most recent relative born in Suchy Grunt, which I knew would be at least 3/4 of the way through the reel.  I used a little too much muscle spinning through the images and wasn't  paying attention.  I found myself closer to the end of reel and when I looked I saw the images of handwritten, loose sheets, they weren't on ledger types of sheets just blank pages.  These sheets were sandwiched in between Zabrnie records, which I haven't looked at before.  The first thing I noticed was the date, 1775.   Then I noticed that they recorded not only records for Suchy Grunt but for the entire surrounding area!  I haven't translated the cover page that describes what these sheets are exactly, but it appears that these are Diocese records. Some of the images are in poor shape with a lot of water damage and bleed throughs but once I am able to unpack my research notes out of storage and do a lot of squinting, I suspect I will be able to get back one more generation on the Furgał and associated lines! WOO HOO!
 Given the fact that I've had this reel for almost 3 years and never seen the images before, I probably would have missed these sheets completely.  I'm a strong believer in karma and I'm thankful it decided to pay me back so quickly!

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