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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Line-by-line? Easy peezy lemon squeezy

Well, the line-by-line search completed much quicker than I expected, I thought I was in for a late night. Twenty pages into Springfield district I found my "Krovec" line which was transcribed as "Krovie".  Gorge and his wife O came with their two sons Mack and Peter (this is really David) to Canada in 1913.  Three other children Pil (this is really Peter), Marry, and Annie, while born prior to 1913 did not have a immigration year.  These three children were recorded as being born in Austria, like their parents and older brothers but at some point this was stricken out and Canadian was written above each. Perhaps someone reviewed the completed sheets and corrected it because an immigration year was not reported for them? Anyways, I see this as further proof that my grandmother was not born in Canada and this explains why birth/baptismal records could not be found for her and Peter.  In this census  it stated that Mike and his parents could not speak English but could speak French!  Everyone also spoke Polish just to confuse things further.

So to narrow down where they came from here are some facts:

In the 1916 census, the family origin was Austrian.  Everybody was born in Austria. 
In the 1921 census, the family's origin was Russian.  Everybody was born in Austria.
In 1916 the family spoke Polish however I know that the family did not speak Polish but Ukrainian.
In 1921 the family spoke Austrian.
In 1940 Mike states that he and his parents were born in Ukraine.
In Mike's obit it states he was born in Ukraine.

My next steps:
Keep looking for them in a passengers list.
brush up on the history of boarder changes in area of southwestern Ukraine/sotheastern Poland during these time periods.

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