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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My first potential costly mistake

Well I should have know better but I got over confident and jumped the gun.  I have the marriage registration for my husbands great grandparents.  His great grandmother's family came to Toronto for a few years, had a couple of kids then went back to England and had his great grandmother.  His great grandmother returned to Toronto and married a man from Simcoe (would be interesting to know how they met).  I have their marriage record which gave me her mother's maiden name (Eliza Garret) and in turn led me to her parents's marriage record.  The names as usual were common.  After digging around, I did manage to order the birth cert for Eliza Garret but misplaced it almost as soon as I got it...  I did remember her mother's name was Hannah and I thought her maiden name is Barber.   I went on happily finding census records for George, Hannah and Eliza (and siblings) which in turn allowed me to trace additional birth and marriage records for the family.   Fast forward a few months and while reviewing my tree details, I decided to bite the bullet and order the records from GRO (at the cost of ~$180).  I got them this week.  Now that I have them I can see that this Hannah has the last name of White....  and looking a lot closer at things Eliza Garrat was born in Cheshire and the census records I uncovered and used as the basis of my Garret research clearly shows repeatedly that the Elizabeth noted was born in Basford Nottinghamshire.....

How did I get myself into this situation?  I have everything housed on ancestry and did not take the time to print and file and organize things on paper to make things easier for me to review and not make these types of mistakes....

Time to step back and organize!

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