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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Research Windfall

I went to the annual Family Golf Tournament in Beaverton yesterday and the Dunn family has honoured me with 2 boxes full of family pictures, baptismal records and death records for the Dunn line.   First step is to organize and scan all of information and backup. Next step, file the originals in archival quality sleeves and sheets.

Major finds:  a picture of the kids Great Great Grandparents (with Dora Elizabeth in full victorian dress) details about the first wife of the kids great grandfather (including children and marriage date) and some written family history from the kids great grandfather.  Some of the accounts do not line up with my research which is to be expected since oral history (especially by a gentleman in his 90s) may not always be historically accurate.

So as to not underplay the Petersen's generosity this is right up there with the extensive family tree that Ebba gave me to last year with Danish ancestry going back 200 years.

What an honour!


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