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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

  Genealogy is both my passion and my hobby, if I could figure out how to quit my day job and get by, I'd spend all day doing it.  I really started my genealogy research about 3 and a half years ago.  It's had it's ups a downs but so do most things in life.  My roots start in Canada with me and my parents and in the case of my mom, her parents.  After that the maternal roots trace back to Poland, Ukraine, and Austria (a part which I believe was once part of Poland).  On my paternal side my father's parents and ancestry trace back to Poland.  The research on my own tree  has been slow going.  If not for the high school project one of my cousin's Barbara did, I would know very little about my grandfather whom she did a family history interview with.  As for my maternal ancestry, even though my moms parents hailed from Manitoba, it is has been difficult to get information.  As a result I put my side on the back burner and focused on my husband's tree.  His paternal ancestors almost entirely emigrated to Canada generations ago and settled predominantly in Simcoe County and York County.  Others were in Halton, Grey and Victoria.  I've managed to trace back to the mid 1700s in a few lines to Scotland and the UK.  For the hubbies paternal side it has been alot of work, starting from scratch with very little information to work on and only a few tidbits from his family here and there but thanks to Ancestry, Scotland's people, Ted Larson's Islay page,  the UK General Register office and the Simcoe & Ontario Archives, I've amassed quite a collection of information.  My downfall:  I did not orgranize from the start and now I must. 

  My goal of this blog is to share my tips, resources and stories as I do my research.  I'm a young 40 :) and most people I talk to have little interest in hearing my stories.   In sending them out to cyberspace I can feel like I am telling someone (even if no one reads it) :)


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