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Monday, January 27, 2014

Perhaps another seven years in Manitoba?

Well the vital stats records arrived last week, they come very quickly if the request is emailed instead of faxed.  Unfortunately the registrations are not as detailed as the records i got for my other Ukrainian ancestors who lived well north of Winnipeg.  The death registration for my great grandfather, George was submitted by the doctor. His place of birth was recorded simply as Austria and his DOB, unknown.  He died from stomach cancer which metastasized in his liver.  He became toxemic,then died.  The record did provide his dad's name and his mom's name (phonetically), which gets me back one more generation. 
  His second oldest son David died three years earlier due to post operative shock following an operation to treat chronic empyema.  Not a pleasant condition to suffer from for four years.  Unfortunately David's date of birth was unknown and is also in Austria.  His mom's last name (no first name given in this case other than what looks like an E) seems to be a close match to the name of his dad's mother in his dad's death registration.   I wondered if maybe whoever provided the information misunderstood the question and when asked for the maiden name of "his mother" they thought they were talking about George.  For example:

What was the name of David's father?
George Krovetz
Ok and what was the maiden name of his mother?

Then i had a look at the third record I ordered,  the birth registration of the third son Peter.  Like his sisters, Peter had to register his birth as an adult because a record could not be found.  He did it in 1977 (he wanted his old age security).  His record states he was born in Winnipeg (according to the 1921 census he was born in Austria) and his  parents were born in the Ukraine.  His father is recorded as Peter (hmmmm) but this time i have a non-phonetic name for my great grandmother: Helen Tkaczyk.   I think Tkaczyk sounds pretty close phonetically to Kachuk (which is the maiden name of George's mom on his death reg) and even Karchuk, so i think my theory that someone misunderstood the maiden name is probably wrong. Maybe George and Helen were distantly related on his mother's side or perhaps they were first cousins. Hmmmm. 

Now, this is the conflicting information  I have about my great grandmother:
According to my great aunt she was Helen Poworoznyk
In the 1921 census she was named as Annie
In David's death registration, she was E Karchuk
In Peter's birth registration she is Helen Tkaczyk
In my great aunt's birth registration she is Helena Catchowka
In my grandmother's very late baptismal record she is Helen Poworoznyk

My next steps are to order my great grandmothers 1945 national registration and to order a copy of my great aunt's original birth registration...

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