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Thursday, November 21, 2013

34 years through Martha's eyes

  Like other families in early 1900s the Dunn's experienced more than their fair share of sadness and grief.   This a small sampling of how the world looked through the eyes of Martha Dunn, my husband's great grand aunt:

-1896 her brother Edward is killed in a hunting accident.
-1900 her first child to dies.  Elizabeth only lived for just under 7 months and died from heat prostration. 
-1903 her father dies, 3 months later her 3 year old niece dies.
-1906 her 3 year old nephew dies.
-1907 her daughter Ruth Elizabeth dies at around 6 months old, from malnutrition. 
-1912 her 4 month old son Frederick dies of pneumonia.  6 months later, her nephew dies.
-1913 her sister-in-law dies.
-1916 her grandmother dies.
-1918 her son John Thomas also dies of pneumonia.  Born in 1891, John was a teamster like his uncles and was attested for WWI in 1915.  He and his brother Charles are mentioned in the 1916 obit of their grandmother Charlotte Woods, which I wrote about in a previous blog.  He survived the war and went on to marry in Aug 1918.  Sadly, he died less than three months later in Oct.  His widow remarried 11 months later. 
-1921 her sister Rosy dies of TB.
-1924, 1925 & 1936 four grandchildren die.  Her son Charles also married after returning from the war.  He and his wife Mary Emily had at least 7 children and own their tragedies.  Their first daughter Marion died when she was almost 7 1/2 months old on 4 Oct 1925, also falling victim to pneumonia.  Just over 6 months later Mary delivered premature twins.  Their daughter was stillborn and their son, lived one day.  They had at least one more child in 1936 but unfortunately, the boy was also stillborn.
1930 - her mom dies.

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