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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hmmm maybe a little more than a coincidence?

In August, I visited one of the oldest cemeteries in Burlington, to do some RAOGK for a couple of people who had ancestors buried there.  I was able to locate the stones after lifting up some grass but they were very old and worn so I did some rubbings.  It was a pretty windy day and I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye in the corner of a cemetery, near the entrance.   As I was trying to decipher what was written on stone, I started to say things out loud like "Ok George, help me out here"  A few minutes later, a shadow came up beside me and past my right shoulder.  I figured it was the shadow of a tree branch and looked over my shoulder.  I saw a tall thin man with grey hair, black pants, a white dress shirt & suspenders behind me looking over my shoulder at what I was doing.  It startled me so bad I shrieked and fell back.  I turned around to tell the guy he just scared the hell out me but when I did, there was no one there.  I convinced myself I was imaging things and stayed a couple more hours, freaking myself out the whole time because I continued to see someone out of the corner of my eye, in the corner of the cemetery.   I told some co-workers about my experience who are probably thinking I'm a bit off and said I had the feeling that there was something someone wanted me to find in that corner of the cemetery. 
Being the chicken that I am, I returned to the cemetery briefly a couple of weeks later with my son in tow to take a picture that I missed.  I didn't have any strange feelings or sightings this time.
In October, I was doing some research at the library and came across the transcription of the cemetery.  I found entries for a couple more people in the cemetery with the same last names that had brought me there in August.  For whatever reason they are not listed on the cairn.  I decided last week to take a quick look for them over my lunch hour.  I walked around the cemetery looking at the exposed stones for a bit but didn't find them.   I returned to the entrance and went to the area where I kept seeing someone out of the corner of my eye and.....  there was buried stone there, with only the top part peeking out.  It took a few minutes to pull the grass back and dirt to uncover the name on the stone but when I was for the woman that I was looking for (who shares the same last name as George).  This stone too is quite worn and difficult to make out everything that is written on it, so I need to go back when I have more time. And yes, I told her out loud not to worry, that I would be back.

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