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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transcribing Zabrnie

Still working on the church records for the Tarnow area.  I've decided to transcribe all of the records and put them into my own database which I'll eventually put up on a website.  I've discovered pretty quickly that alot of people in these small villages are related to pretty much everyone else and if not they were godparents to the children, my family included.  I've managed to uncovered some details about six of my 5x gr grandparents, only 32 more to go if my math's correct.  That takes me back to approx the mid 1700s and as luck would have it, there are records for the area available at the LDS going back to the mid 1600s!  These ones are in german so it'll be my next language to brush up on..... 

While doing this work I've started to unravel a mystery surrounding the ancestors of my co-worker who came originally from Italy and settled in NY in the late 1800s.  I'll have some really interesting blogs to post on this in the near future....

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